Part of the AVANT/GARDE Diaries takeover of the Los Angeles area of late, Mike D speaks quite well on the behalf of the father of the Korean Taco and a pioneer in the food truck phenomenon that has swept the county. Roy Choi is valedictorian of his class at the Culinary Institute of America and a founding partner of Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, after combining a classical training in culinary arts with his background of growing up in a Korean immigrant family within a Hispanic neighborhood.

Five trucks and three restaurants in four years of the company’s existence are a testament to the idea that Kogi BBQ tastes like LA, a sentiment held by many food connoisseurs in the nation. The company has a truck at the Geffen Contemporary on certain dates for the Transmission LA: AV Club show curated by Mike D and currently on display at MOCA until May 6th.




If you haven’t seen the Mike D-curated Transmission LA: AV Diaries at the Geffen Contemporary yet, you are missing out. Make sure you don’t miss out completely, as the 17-day festival shuts its doors permanently on May 6th. Until then, however, the doors are open to the public and the Beastie Boy brought some of his most talented friends into a museum show that proves what site-specific installation work can be if given the room to breathe. Luckily for all, the Sky Ladder display (which carries a very sublime ambience when walking out of the almost Wonka’s Chocolate Factory feeling of the Mike D show) is open to the public while this show is up, and it’s also not to be missed.

Tom Sachs, Peter Coffin, Jim Drain & Ara Peterson, Ben Jones, and Lauren Mackler of Public Fiction each draw heavily from music in their displays, and Mike D even uses the new Mercedes as a canvas in a dazzling light show. Free musical performances happen every night at around 7:30 at the museum, as well, which is also a sort of outdoor patio for Kogi BBQ, which has a truck posted up at the museum’s entrance.

Check out video recaps and find details and a list of musical performances below.

Find a schedule of musical performances leading up to the May 5th closing (featuring Diplo and friends) here and and dates that the Kogi truck will be present here.

Transmission LA: AV Diaries at the Geffen Contemporary

250 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Show runs: April 19th-May 5th


Mike D of the Beastie Boys has been given the opportunity to take a wing of Los Angeles’ most-hyped contemporary art museum - which held the highly controversial Art in the Streets exhibition just a few short months ago - and turn it into his own space filled with music and art from artists the world over. In April, Mike D will be curating a 17-day festival exhibition at the Geffen Contemporary inside the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Tom Sachs, Lauren Mackler from Public Fiction, and more are slated to contribute at MOCA, and the exhibition will debut on April 20, running until May 6. Find out more at the official site of The Avant/Garde Diaries.