Emil Horowitz takes viewers behind-the-scenes in a video recap of an art happening that should have any contemporary art follower jumping up and down just at the knowledge of its occurrence. TED-award winning photographer and world-renowned French street artist JR teams up with Chinese perspective artist and painter of immense hype Lui Bolin in this rare view into the process behind Bolin’s incredible works of art. The Chinese painter takes his subject and blends them seamlessly into their surroundings by way of screenprint ink and paints to match the background, then photographs them from a particular point of view, often making them disappear to the point that the subject is hard to find.

In a rare collaboration, JR stands before one of his more popular pieces in New York (after finishing a large series across Los Angeles County) and lets Bolin do his magic, in time disappearing into one of his own pieces much in the way many painters dive deep into their work symbolically. The end result is a beautiful teaming up of two artists from very different backgrounds inspiring those around them by doing what they do best.

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The street artist named JR is one of the most iconic names in street art, photography, and even contemporary art after winning the TED Prize for $100,000 for being an exceptional person.

I was familiar with JR’s work for quite some time before he won the award and used it to begin his project focusing on the wrinkles of Los Angeles, but I didn’t expect the work to be as important to the city as it was. Living downtown, I see it walking to my favorite bar or getting on the freeway. The series is now iconic in this town, and what he has to say about it proves why.

This is one passionate artist.